Services for Authors

Boo Books is delighted to now be able to offer copy-editing, proofreading and feedback services for authors. Led by editor and publisher Alex Davis, who as well as running Boo Books over the last year is an acclaimed creative writing tutor and has copy-edited and proofread for publishers including Orion Books, Harper Collins, Black Library and Solaris. With years of experience in all these areas working for both individuals and publishers, Alex is ideally placed to offer great value services for authors at all levels of their career.

FEEDBACK available at £1 per 1000 words

PROOFING available at £1.50 per 1000 words

EDITING available at £2 per 1000 words

Short stories, novels, novellas, non-fiction and children’s books all accepted.

To make the most of these great prices, simply email with your enquiry!

Here’s what some of our previous clients said…

‘I love Alex’s attitude to proofreading. No fuss, straight-forward, honest and clear. Exactly what you need. He did a great job for me.’
Tracy Bloom, bestselling author of No-One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday

‘I attended Alex’s excellent courses – Let’s Write a Book and Let’s Submit a Book. I had never written a book before, and these were very important in helping me finish my first draft. Alex also critiqued that draft, and his comments were extremely encouraging, insightful and helpful. I particularly like that he points out what is working in a draft as well as what isn’t. This makes the experience a positive one and gives you plenty to work with. I am pleased to say I now have an agent for this book, and Alex’s help and encouragement has been a big part of getting me to this point.’
Roz Watkins, Writer

‘Alex’s review of my first novel manuscript draft was extremely useful. He pointed out both areas he liked and where improvements could be made in a tactful but practical way, giving me the confidence to view the work in a more detached, critical manner. That external perspective from a sympathetic but keen eye is invaluable. And as a tutor his experience shows, from guiding us through the theory, pitfalls and commercial reality of writing, to gently urging his students to persevere and recognise their own strengths. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him both as editor and tutor.’
Sophie Snell, Writer and Storyteller